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Brain Test that No One Else Can Do


“Brain 10-D”

We are what we think and our best Dreams help us to create our Success in Life!”

The modern world becomes more and more sophisticated and many people find it difficult to adapt to changes, feel confused and want to learn more about themselves.

Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Scientific Foundation had developed unique test “Brain 10-D” that can help you to answer your quests about yourselves. “Brain 10-D” test adheres to the highest possible psychometric and scientific standards. Human brain control activities of huge amount of cells, molecules that move in multiple dimensions, computable as 10 dimensions in our research.

“Brain 10-D” is important for Self-evaluation, improvement of Self-performance and Self-development for everyone.  This test aims to help people to understand themselves and how their Brain work to enhance their control over Body/Mind system, develop abilities and achieve Success in Life.  Most of diseases begin following prolonged stressed conditions that may lead to psychological disorders, stroke, cancers, immune diseases.

What obstructs one’s health, thinking and thus one’s way to a Success?

A clearer understanding of Reality will enhance the ability to sense and forecast the Future events.

Brain test for NEURO Profile  includes the analysis of the following states:

  • Awareness
  • Learning abilities
  • Decision making
  • Essential Neural transduction and Homeostasis
  • Learning and memory
  • Sensing and perceiving the reality
  • Creativity
  • Attitudes
  • Acting and self-control
  • Speed of information processing
  • Tendencies to the mental and psychiatric disorders

Brain scan takes about 15-20 minutes and the results are ready in 2-3 days.