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The new approach is beyond the conventional concept and 
belongs to the next level of healthcare technologies.


   “Brain Power®” is dedicated to studies of the higher level neural mechanisms of brain functions using modern Ψ-Tronic technologies and methods.

   Ψ-Tronic Tomography® is the most advanced technology and a method with unique protocols.

It is based upon the discovery of long searched elementary particles, called Ψ-trons, the carriers of Ψ- fields or fields of consciousness, that could be described by the Theory of Physical Vacuum.

   Advanced R&D studies allowed building the state-of-the-art equipment that is capable to measure the Ψ- wave function as well as to correct neural pathways optimizing body and mind functions by the updated devices.

   To capture and restore the Ψ-wave function is a sophisticated process beyond earlier concepts.

   In 2008  jointly with a team of Thai Medical doctors we have completed the first stage of  the clinical trials “Correction of Cerebrocardiovascular Syndrome by Neuro Bio  Correction (NBC) Method to Accelerate the Recovery after Moderate Stroke”.

  At present we are excited with our breakthroughs in understanding of cancer origin. The research of interactive biometrical data from hundreds of patients with various health disorders of so-called “unknown origin”, various stages of cancer and cancer predispositions leads us to a novel hypothesis about cancer origin, which may help to save people’s lives and will enable researchers and doctors to find optimum ways to resolve the puzzles of health disorders of so-called “unknown nature”. 

  We have been inspired by the success stories from the patients and doctors and continue to research and introduce the benefits of most exciting diagnostic and bio regulating techniques.



     • “Correction of Cerebrocardiovascular Syndrome by Ψ-Tronic Correction  (Neuro Bio Correction) Method to Accelerate the Recovery after Moderate Stroke”  

     • Window to a Future Medicine: Ψ- Tronic Imaging (Ψ -TI) Tomography

       as a New Diagnostic and NBC Correction Method (Ψ-TC)

     • Preterm Cesarean Section Impacts

     • The Effects of the Chanting Sessions upon the Human Health

  •   State of Art Method and Advanced Computerized Technology For Assessment of Mental States

      • Mechanics of Living Systems (Biomechanics, Psychomechanics and Mechanics of Time) Applying the Principles of Descartes Mechanics

     • Механика Живых Систем (Биомеханика, Психомеханика и Механика Времени) используя Принципы Механики Декарта