Brain Power Clinic and Institute

Welcome To Brain Power Clinic and Institute

Brain Power Clinic and Institute® has been established to develop and promote pioneer technologies in the healthcare market. 
   For a long time people have been looking for the ways to restore their health, stop aging and boost their health. Today Brain Power has proposed a new and exciting way to correct and optimize body and mind functions.

   We have been very successful in development of Ψ-tronic Tomography (Ψ-TT) both diagnostics and correction technologies. The wisdom of Oriental Medicine  is very helpful as well.

   Ψ-TT diagnostics is the most advanced state-of-the-art computerized biometrical equipment that is capable of measuring the Ψ-wave function and detect various patterns of health pathologies, cellular metabolism imbalances, as well as forecast the future pathologies.

   The new generation of state-of-the-art equipment Ψ-TT correction system and a unique method brought our technology to a highest level that enables us to provide our patients with a possibility to quickly analyze the cellular “errors” and  then to correct them by the process, which restores cellular metabolism, optimizes and harmonizes  our patients’  health – both body and mind.

   Brain Power is a free standing health center operating under the guidelines of the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society.


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